Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here is about me and my blog….
I’m Ruly, you may know me as

Great names, right?! Those names appear on many profiles in my social networking. But honestly, I’m Ruly. That’s it. Call me simply-Li.

I am just a simple girl, in a high tech digital world (hohoho... why am I singing, huh? *Jewel, red*).

I’m just a newbie who knows nothing. I created this blog, first, to reveal the secret of Microbiology. My most favorite subject in the universe! Therefore, I named my blog “DUNIA MIKRO” which means micro world. Then I thought, I love many things, and I want all what I love are to be online. So, one topic is inadequate for one blog. Finally, I created many categories in this blog, as below:
  • IT and Online Tips
  • Food Technology
  • Food Microbiology
  • My World
  • Health of Body and Mind
  • Islamic

I use English or Bahasa Indonesia, sometimes I use both in one post. Hope you can deserve this. I’m a learner. I digest what I’ve learned and write it in a new package. Just contact me if you meet problem.

"World is small, however we consider world is wide area because it’s sectional and complicated"


  1. hello mrs ruly, I'm sorry, i dontaware if you are a woman. I thik youe are a man, because of your name. thanks for having leave a comment on my blog

  2. Great!!!
    All matters can help other who needed...


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