Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm The Infiltrator!

When I'm alone in home, i need somebody.. wahahaha...
Unfortunately i stay in pretty quiet housing. So, what do I do in saturday night, sunday night, and many others?

It's just my luck, if there's activity in the afternoon till night. Just pretty simply, concentrate to what you're doing. But, if idle?? I'm so happy if there are friends ask me to go sight seeing. But in the night? Big no no!! Impossible in other word.
Why? I'm far from them...

However, I can go out if my brother with his friends get on together in my home. Then, go to foodcourt, or many other places. I feel like the oldest one! I'm the infiltrator, and mey be stranger... I feel younger then wehehehe...

Just look in this picture below. You can imagine the condition in that night. Crowd and full of smoke!

*I blur the picture out,^___^*


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